Tips in Choosing the Best Shower Head

There are no clear clues about what is the best shower head that should be installed on your bathroom. As you may know, there are a lot of types of shower head available on stores. You might be confused to choose one of them because you still don’t know the best shower head that suits your needs. Here are some tips in choosing shower head for your bathroom.

Choose shower head with high water efficiency rating

It is true that each shower head has their own amount of water sprayed when turned on. Even some of them can be adjusted so they can produce a certain amount of water. Most of them usually have Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards or WELS rating. The rating is from 0-6, where 0 is the most inefficient and 6 is the most efficient shower head. Higher rating means that your shower head will use less water and you can save money by doing that.

Go for quality with lower price

It is so wrong if you think that the more expensive a shower head, the more satisfying its output and feel. Consider the material and the spray pattern of the shower head that suit your needs. It is even better if you can buy an adjustable shower head. A lot of people usually like multi-purpose shower head. For example, handheld showers that also can be mounted like standard shower head.

Testing your shower head

If you already installed a new shower head, you can test how efficient it is. The amount of water consumption of your shower head can be measured and compared to your old shower head. Just place a bucket that has been marked in gallon increments under your shower head. Then, you can turn on the shower head at the water pressure that you usually use and see how fast the bucket is filled. The faster the time, it means your water efficiency is not good.

If you attend plumbing-supply showrooms and see shower head displays, you can put it to a test by feeling the pressure of water from the shower head in your hand. If you see a multi setting shower head, check if you can adjust the settings easily. If you seek maximum flexibility, multipurpose shower head that can be used in handheld or mounted version should be your priority.

Pay attention to installation

Installing a new shower head may not be as hard as you may think. The first thing to do is to unscrew your old shower head with adjustable wrench and try to remove the tape and separate tit from its arm. Next, you can apply new plumber tape over the thread for a nice seal then screw your new shower head tightly. If you want to use multi-jet shower tower, you need expensive plumbing alterations. An important thing is low water pressure in your home may affect the stream from any shower head so make sure that you ask an advice from plumber if you have to adjust or replace the pressure regulator.

Types of shower head

–       Multi settings Models

Just like the name said, this shower head has various settings like massage, mist, pulsing, narrow, and wide stream. It also has water-saving trickle so you can save water while soaping up. Make sure that you can test each setting because some shower head may be stronger in a certain setting compared to others.

–       Single-Setting Models

This is your safe-to-go shower head because it has one and only setting that you can utilize. You will pay less money if you buy this model rather than multi-setting models.

–       Shower Towers

This is a shower head that has more than one head that you usually see in pool or spa. Its head is usually both mounted and handheld. Installing this head is quite tricky although it might be the best shower head models if you are looking for a great experience in showering.