How to Find the Right Glass Shower Doors for You

Installing the right glass shower doors for your bathroom is something exciting. But picking up the most suitable shower door made of glass can be very tricky. There are many things you should put into consideration before deciding which shower door you will buy. To give you clearer description about the shower door, this article will discuss about the types of the door along with the tips of how to get the rightest one for you.

Types of Glass Shower Doors

There are some types of glass shower doors to opt out there. Though all the types look so fascinating but not all of them will meet your need. The current trends of this kind of door come with lots of variations include colors, types of glass, and patterns to spoil you.

  1. Clear Glass

The first type is clear glass. This is the most standard shower door made of glass and mostly chosen by people for their bathroom. This type of glass shower door is quite high in clarity that makes it people favorite. Another thing that makes the door as people choice is that it is quite easy to maintain.

  1. Rain glass

The next type in the list is rain glass. Just like the name suggest, this type of shower glass has certain vertical design and texture that can give effect like rain fall on one of its sides.

  1. Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is the next type of the shower glass. This kind of shower glass has standard float glass design that makes it looks simple but elegant to be installed in the bathroom. The annealed glass is produced without heat treatment process that makes it doesn’t have internal stresses.

  1. Cast Glass

The cast glass is the next type of shower glass. This kind of glass shower enclosure is very suitable to be installed in all configurations. The production process of this cast glass is quite complicated. This makes the shower glass is quite durable. In making the cast glass, the door is cut first and then fabricated. The next step is put the glass into a kiln. After that the glass will be heated up on a mold to get its texture. This makes the door has high value of aesthetic.

  1. Heavy Glass

Just like the name suggests, this kind of shower glass is quite heavy in weight. It commonly comes with thicker size of ¼ inch. The heavy glass available in the market now is usually made of about 3/8 inch of glass. But there are some heavy glasses out there made with proportion of 5/16 inch of glass or ½ inch.

  1. Hammered Glass

This type of shower glass is named that so because it is made of the same dents with hammered metal. The design of the hammered glass can give your bathroom unusual light effects.

Tips to Buy a New Glass Shower Door

Here are some things you should keep in mind before purchasing a new shower door made of glass.

  1. Order Once and Measure Twice

The first tip is order once and measure twice. Measure the shower opening carefully to make sure that it fits to your bathroom space. Pick up the shower door that has greater size than the shower opening.

  1. Choose Your Style

The next tip is deciding your style of glass shower door. Look at the space where you will install the door and then decide whether it should be pivoting or sliding shower door.

  1. Finish Strong

The last tip is considering your budget. You can choose glass shower doors to make your shower door as a new start and but new coordinating items if you think you can afford it.