Pro Tips in How to Tile a Shower

If you are still don’t know the best way in how to tile a shower, you can read this article until its end. Here you will find tips about how to tile your shower in the right way, alongside a couple of additional tips to make your tile installment easier. Without further ado, here are the tips in tiling a shower.

Make your shower pan stay in one place

If possible, it is better for you to make your shower pan stay in one place, you can start to build a shower pan with tile and mortar or with ready to use fiber glass pan. Then, you can temper the pan since it has inherent nature to leak. Make sure that you keep the walls water proof so the water won’t make your walls decay or damaged.

Dismantle your current shower to studs.

You have to dismantle everything except ceiling, hardware, walls, and floor pan. If somehow you can’t trouble yourself for having a little demolition in your bathroom, you can ask professionals to do this for you. The good thing about this method is that you don’t have to select any tile you want to save. Instead, you will destroy all of them and try to keep the cement board clean and undamaged.

Use cement backer board

Green board is a stronger drywall with moisture resist ability but it still can be damaged by moisture after some time. In today’s construction, green board is used for outlying area while the shower stalls usually installed with cement backer board. You can install cement backer board after you apply 4 mil plastic stapled to studs.

Mark and level your first row of tiles

By marking your first row of tiles with any types of marker, preferably contractor pencil, you can avoid unnecessary thing to be happened like having the tiles’ bottom that hit your cement board’s bottom. Half an inch overlap is required to avoid this thing.

Apply expensive thin set mortar on the bottom row

Using pre-mixed mortar in buckets give you promising result compared to use a dry mix mortar. Although the price difference between dry and pre-mixed mortar is quite large, using the expensive pre-mixed mortar is recommended. Another thing about bottom row is you have to make sure that it sets without any aid, because the rest of the row depends on the bottom row.

Keep the space tidy between rows

Using a tile spacer, you can keep all of your tile rows clean and tidy. You should keep them spaced away on all of the four sides by doing proper tile spacing tech. Keep working your way to the top row consistently. When you reach the upper most row, it is very unlikely that you will have exact fit. So, you have to be ready to cut out the size with saw or snap cutter to make it fit.

Use wet sponge after grouting the tile

After 48 hours, your tile should be set. Press the grout into the open seams by using rubber float. Grout that complements the color of your tile is recommended. Scrap away the excess when you press the wet grout. It is best to smooth the grout into the tiles using a wet sponge. excess grout in between the tiles should be removed if you apply enough pressure and wipe parallel to the seams.

Use haze remover

Remove the grout haze with haze remover and repeat the process until it is nearly removed. The final touch is to seal the seams with grout sealer. If you do this right, the water won’t go through the tile and your work will stay in shape.

Tiling a shower might be a little bit tricky but it can be done by yourself. Make sure that you prepare all the things needed and be ready if you do something wrong or miss a step. Those are some tips in how to tile a shower.