Moen Shower Valve Product Offers

Moen Shower Valve Product Offers

moen shower valve can be the best choice for people who want to have the best bathroom in the house. There are various types of shower which people can build in the house from the simple shower with single head to custom shower which comes with multiple outlets. We can make sure that valve becomes very important element of the shower so people really need to make the wise choice of the valve. It must be good investment especially since it will be installed inside the wall and there is no need to question about shower valve by Moen.

Valve Anatomy

When people have a shower in the bathroom, it means that it will be supported by valve. It has the function which is similar to engine for the shower. It will shirt the water flow, regulate the temperature, and drive performance. People are able to find various kinds of valve operation, functionality, and also design which can be suited for different shower application. The valve will be located behind the wall and it will be connected directly to the water lines both hot and cold one. It is the function of the valve for regulating the flow as well as temperature of the water after all. Various connection types can be found from the most valves. There will be cartridge inserted into the valve and it will be connected to the external trim handles for controlling the mixture between the hot water and the cold one. The handle position will also control the water flow through the shower faucet. Because there will be hot water involved in the shower, people need to make sure that they can ensure the safety of the family member when in the shower. The moen shower valve will offer not only safety but also comfort as well as reliability. There are codes of thermostatic or pressure balancing safety which are fulfilled properly by the valve product by Moen. There is no need to worry about the surges of cold or hot water in the bathroom shower. People will also get the plus point from this product because the products come with dependable operation as well as quality construction. There is no doubt about it because every valve product is supported with the Limited Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer.


Moen can offer people with some valve options but of course people need to make sure that they know what they want and need from the valve for their shower. There are several models offered by the Moen valve for meeting people’s need for their bathroom shower. The first option is U by Moen Shower. It is type of digital thermostatic valve. The flow and temperature of the water can be controlled by using computer and mobile application. There is also ExactTemp 3/4“ Thermostatic Valve which is completed with mechanical control of the thermostat. People will also find Moentrol Valve which is type of valve with control for pressure balancing volume of the water. There are still more options available such as two or three functions Moentrol Valve. It is types of valve from Moen that offer the control of temperature and volume of the water across various outlets. People cn adjust the water flow simply by handing the pulls out. The same thing is needed for rotating from hot water to cold water. There is also valve with pressure balancing cycling available and it is called posi-temp valve. Last but not least, people need to consider two or three functions transfer valve which has ability for directing the water flow to the spray outlets. People can make best investment in the shower by choosing the right moen shower valve.