Tips in Choosing Rain Shower Head

A lot of you may be confused when deciding what kind of rain shower head you want to install in your bathroom. This is because there are a lot of varieties of rain shower head available in stores. Here are some tips in choosing rain shower head for your bathroom.

Who is going to use the bathroom

It is recommended that you should pay attention to who is going to use the bathroom. You can get shower head that is both luxurious and has many settings to boot. You will also get additional parts in your main bathroom. Then, you can use the standard shower head for kids or guest bathroom. By doing this, you can save more money by not putting luxurious shower head in every bathroom.

Choosing different ways the shower showers you

There are several things you need to look at when choosing a shower head. Search what kind of shower head you need the most by knowing its spray pattern, the range, the direction, and the water that the shower uses per minute. Different shower head may affect your quality when taking a bath. A good example is a strong concentrated spray, which is very good if there is a stain that is not too obedient and long hair washing. There are also other options such as shower spray that will wash your entire body, rain-like shower drops, massaging jets, and combination of those.

Money and water should be your priority

Conserving water does not have to sacrifice luxury or pressure when choosing a shower head. Most of them usually have WELS (or Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards for long) rating. The rating is from 0-6, where 0 is the most inefficient and 6 is the most efficient shower head. Higher rating means that your shower head will use less water and you can save money by doing that. If you need an example for this, here is a quick story: a three star WELS rated shower head can use seven liters of water per minute, compared to a standard shower head that can use 25 liters per minute.

Using wall-mounted units

Wall mounted shower head have various designs and styles. You choose from a variety of stainless steel and brass material, which also have robust and heavy duty models. By choosing an adjustable shower head, you can have a full experience of every type of shower head without changing it into a new one.

Go with shower head you can hold on to if you want to rock that shower on

You can use this if you are that kind of person who loves to have more control and freedom when taking a bath. It is also the best if you want to wash your pets, little things that can’t be reached with standard shower head, or even washing your children. It is best if you choose handheld shower that has a clip on the wall so you can do either handheld or wall mounted showering at a time.

The rain shower head

This type of shower head will create a spraying pattern similar to those found at spas or places like those. It’s water flow is pretty much gentler compared to other traditional shower head. Usually, this kind of shower head is mounted overhead rather than mounted at a wall. You can suspend it in two ways: using a pendant-like thingy or flush-mounted it to the top of your bathroom.

Aerating shower head

Aerating shower head will use more air and mix it with water, so it will shoot more water than many shower heads usually shoot. Most of aerating shower head will not eat through your water supply as fast when compared to standard shower heads.

Choosing the right type of shower head is not as hard as you may think. You just need to know who is going to use the bathroom and know what type of shower head that suits into your liking. Rain shower head is best installed if you have good water system so you will have less trouble after installing it.