6 Important Things to Design Roll In Shower

Bathroom is one of the rooms in your house that accident is most likely to happen, not to mention the roll in shower. The possibility of accidents will be higher if the users are the disabled or the elderly. Besides, the needs of room for disabled are different from what people in general may need. The needs of room, the flexibility to move and the fixture are several things that disabled people may need. Therefore, special interior design for the bathroom, especially roll in shower, may be needed to accommodate their needs.  Below are several things that you may consider to decorate the bathroom for the disabled and elderly people.

1# The shape and accessibility of roll in shower

The door being used in the bathroom is recommended to be opened outdoors. It aims for enabling the users to go in and out from the bathroom. If the direction of the door is made inward, the larger the space is needed to accommodate the user. The bathroom for disabled and elderly people generally has larger size. One of the reasons is to enable for the wheelchair to do the rotation. The size of the bathroom must be designed for the users to move with the wheelchair without any obstacles.

2# The materials and corner

For the elderly or disabled people, the possibility of experiencing accidents or getting injured in the bathroom are higher than what people in general might have. Therefore, a careful material selection is basically needed to create a roll in shower. In addition, it is recommended for you to choose the materials that do not have a smooth surface. Beside the material selection, the shapes available in the bathroom are also recommended not to have a sharp corner. This will minimize the risk of getting injured that may happen in the roll in showerbecause of the sharp corner of the materials.

3# Bathing : tub and shower

The most recommended size of the shower seat to be placed in the roll in shower is at the 17 to 19 inches height. A plastic chair or small stool may be needed to enable the users to sit during shower time or it can be obsoleted when the users do not need it to take a shower.

4# Railing

Another important thing that is available in the bathroom for disabled people is railing. Railing is aimed to help the users to move. You can use a 5cm diameter hollow steel for this railing. Any possible buckling should be made without corners in order to minimize the risk for the users to get injured when they move. There are several parts of bathroom that commonly require railing such as shower area, bathtub area, nearby the toilet, or near  the sink. These railings must have a contrast color to the color surrounds it. As for instance, if your bathroom has white-theme color, then the railing must have black color. So that it will help the users to easily recognize the railing position.

5# Placement of items

This may seems simple but actually it is also very important to consider the items placement in your bathroom, especially in the roll in shower area including bathing products, towels, hair care and many more. Ensure that all of the items needed to shower are accessible for either disabled or elderly people to reach.

6# Floor

Last but not least, the most important thing to complete your roll in shower is by carefully selects the floor material. This aims to avoid the users from falls. A thin-bar of wood or textured tile over the concrete floor may also create a nonslip floor in the roll in shower area.