3 Most Favorable Shower Door Parts

There are many types of shower door parts available on the market. There are some advantages from a bathroom that has shower in it. Not only it can make the room looks spacey but also it makes the shower activity becomes more practical. Because of these advantages, almost every interior design of bathroom provides shower in it. The bathroom that has shower usually has 2 parts of space, they are wet space and dry space. The space with shower is usually called as wet space.

Meanwhile, the space that is located in the outer part is called as dry space. There is usually a bulkhead separating between these two spaces. The bulkhead is called as shower door. It aims to avoid the shower water splashing out and wetting the dry area in the bathroom so that it enables you to find a dry area in the bathroom. Shower door is usually made of glass with various open close systems.

3 Most Favorable Shower Door Parts

There are many shower door parts that are made of glass including glass-shaped shower door with a frame, sliding shaped, and tube. All of these shower door parts are available in the market for you to choose and the choice is definitely yours depends on what kind of interior design that fits your bathroom. Below are some descriptions of shower door parts that you can consider if you are currently looking for them or renovating your bathroom.

1# Sliding shower door parts

This kind of shower door parts is the most favorable shower door by many people. Sliding shower door is usually made of glass that aims to divide the bathroom into two parts. When you want to open or close the shower room, you only need to slide the door to the left or right. The presents of sliding shower door can really save the room that even though your bathroom applies a minimalist interior design, there is still enough space to do other activities in your bathroom. In addition, you do not need to spend a lot of money to maintain its performance, since the glass material is easy to maintain.

2# Arched shower door parts

Arched shower door parts are specially created for showering purpose. This kind of door is usually placed in the corner of your bathroom. The slim shape that this shower door has really fits to be applied for small bathroom. There are many shape options that you can find in the market related to this arched shower door. However, the tube shapes or quarter-door-tube-shaped is the most favorable one.

3# Swinging shower door parts

Just like usual house door, swinging shower door has door hinge on the side of the door. How to open it is simply pull or push the door. The shower room with swinging shower door parts is usually equipped with a magnetic lock. This aims in order to ensure that the swinging shower door remains closed automatically. A large bathroom interior design is the best place for the swinging shower door to be placed. This is because swinging shower door parts requires a lot of space to open and close the door. There are two types of swinging shower doors, including Swinging shower door parts with a frame or without a frame.

Which shower door parts you will apply are definitely depends on what theme of the overall bathroom interior design you have. Thus, it is recommended for you to read and consider 3 most favorable shower door parts options mentioned on the article above to complete your bathroom interior design.