3 Important Stages of Fitting New Shower Screen Seal

3 Important Stages of Fitting New Shower Screen Seal

Shower screen seal is one interesting DIY project to try. However, it needs patience since you will work with heat, water, as well as moisture. Completing each step to fit it is important, since taking shortcut may drive you into trouble in the future. At this present, this article will share you about the simplest ways to fit your new seal.

  1. Preparation stage

One early suggestion is, never underestimate preparation. Even for a professional, preparation is the key of overcoming bathroom remodels. When working on this project, you will need to follow quite long process step by step. If you just realize that one tool is missing, your work might not have perfect result in the end. Details and specific needs to be on your hand before you start jumping into the working field. Make sure that you have all tools you need beside you. If you are sure enough, follow the next stage.

  1. Removing your old seal

Never think that removing the old seal is not counted in the important process. If you are not careful, it will give you lots of troubles in the future. It will not help even though you set the new one as perfect as possible. You need to make sure that you remove every piece of the old components. If your house is included in the old style one, you may need to check whether it uses gallons of adhesive in order to hold the screen seals or not. If yes, you will have extra parts to mind then remove them.

On the other hand, if your house uses clip on type of seal, then you will have not much trouble in removing it. You just need to unclip it or slide it off to the end of the shower doors. However, if it does not come out easily, you can use the help of a straight razor, rubbing alcohol, as well as hard work. Removing it may take much of your patience as well. it is also important to make sure that you leave the old seal clean so that you will have no difficulty to make the new one bond to the glass.

  1. Measuring stage

First, you need to make sure that the tape measure you use is accurate. Use it to measure your new shower seal from the inside of your shower. For a hint, if you measure from the outside, it will not give you the right measurement because later you will need to seal off the inside part, not the outside. This is a common mistake made by many beginners. So, it will be better if you take a note of this one. Mark your measurement. Never be hesitating to measure it again and again to make sure that your measuring will not bring you into troubles. Take your knife and place the seal on flat surface. Apply firm pressure by using the blade. When you already passed your initial cut, the following will not be so hard.

After that, you need to cut your seal based on the measurement you have made. Since there are many types of seal, here is a brief explanation of it. If you use the clip on type, you just need to clip your seal onto the glass door of your shower. Do it from the bottom. It is important for you not to slide it into place because it will damage the seal.

Those are all the tips to fit your new seal. Do not take every step easy and do it carefully. Hopefully, this explanation will help you to fit your new shower screen seal.