Shower Tile Ideas for Bathroom

Shower tile ideas can be pretty common for many people but still people want to make sure that they can find the ultimate function and look of the shower by installing the tile. Here are some great ideas that can be applied for shower tiling.

Accent Tile Wall

Installing tile in the bathroom is not different from installing tile in the kitchen. When people are considering about tile installation in the kitchen, they will consider about the way for making the kitchen look attractive especially by installing mosaic tile on the kitchen wall. People can do the same thing for their shower wall. They can use mosaic tile with intricate design. However, they must remember to keep the neutral color for the border as well as the rest of the wall so the space will not look too busy. Subtle change can be found by mixing up the tile pattern on the wall.

Different Tile Size

People usually install the tile with the same size for their bathroom including for the shower. However, they actually can make the shower look special by considering the shower tile which has different size from the tile applied on the rest of the bathroom space. It will be a great idea especially if people do not have any idea about material mix and match for shower tile. The floor can be covered with square and large granite tile for instance and the shower can be covered with ceramic tile which has rectangular shape and smaller size.

Tile Variation

Many people usually will use the same tile in their shower. It is pretty common thing which is done but it does not mean that they cannot change this common tile installation in the bathroom shower. They can get simple yet great shower tile ideas by varying the tiles which are installed in the bathroom shower. For example, people can install subway tile in white to the wainscot height. Above it, they can use the glass mosaic tile. This combination will create visual twist that is unexpected. Using pebble tile on the floor can give gentle massage to the feet.

Tile Patterning

Shower surely can be attractive place but for this purpose, people need to add visual interest to their shower. It can be done by applying tile patterning in the bathroom shower. For this purpose, people can choose the mosaic glass tiles to be applied in the recurring border. Black tile border can also be chosen for dividing the mosaic tile in white and brown. It is useful for breaking the shower wall space up.

Contrast with Tile

People choose tile for their bathroom especially the shower because it is material which can be great for handling the moisture and humidity. However, it is not the only function which can be found from the tile installation in the shower especially because they can create counterpoint easily by installing the right tile choice. People can give contrast in the bathroom shower by using the tile. They can try to apply slender black border in the bathroom shower and it will be great method for complementing the floor tile that is in black color.

Ceiling Tile

Tile installation can be pretty familiar for the bathroom shower but many people usually just apply the tile for the shower wall and floor. The design and color choice of the tile will be focused on enhancing the shower wall and floor. However, people can try to install the tile on the shower ceiling as well and they will find that there will be pattern, color, as well as texture added to the bathroom shower. This surely can be unique shower tile ideas.