Some Tips to Have Shower Wall Panels In Lower Cost

Some Tips to Have Shower Wall Panels In Lower Cost

Shower wall panels indeed draw many people’s attention. However, some people are trapped to have much allowance as their desired shower and tub wall panels cost much. If you want to know the secret tips of saving your money to select it, here are the answers for you.

  1. End in mind is the beginning

The above phrase also means the same with focusing your mind only on your goal. This suggestion is proposed by Steven Covey. In purchasing shower and tub wall panels you can also set your mind only on your initial goal to limit your allowance. But how to set the right goal? Here are some questions, which answers will help you in setting the goal.

How long will you stay in that house?

How long do you need the shower and tub wall panels to last?

If you will move in short period, then you will not need to choose luxurious shower panels. Some types you should avoid are solid surface and high gloss products.

  1. Determine your shower size to have the right choice

If you do not know the right size, then you will likely to waste your time only to know the pricing of many lists with different price on every size. Shower size usually goes between standard size and custom size. For your information, tub wall panels made from fiberglass is only available for standard size. On the other hand, solid material is available for all size you want. Moreover, you can choose your own color as well as materials combination.

  1. Never forget to have the test and sample before you buy it

Having the sample before deciding to purchase anything is a good way to start. Imagining thing to start remodeling your shower will be hard if it only goes in your head. Taking one sample and putting it near your cabinets or tiles is one thing you can do to make sure whether it has the right color scheme of your bathroom or not.

  1. Always have the right size only, not upsize or downsize

To determine the best size for your tub panels, you can start it by considering the following factors. The first one is the height. You need to consider where the wall is starting. For an explanation, if you want to have low profile shower pan with 1 and half inches from the ground, then it means that you will need taller panels compared to when you use shower panels, which start off a curb with 4 and half inches off the ground.

Besides that, you also need to consider where will you place the shower head. For a suggestion, it will be better if you drill a hole through the wall panels. It is to make the shower head comes out of the panel and starting the panel below the head. This way will make you have waterproof installation.

  1. Do the research by yourself, do not put everything on your contractor’s hand

Does not mean to be rude, but not all contractors are having depth knowledge about what they are handling. It is a fact that contractors know many things about free shower as well as tub wall panels. However, most of them only know about the basic stuff with low cost. In some cases, contractors could not give enough information about the more advanced materials. For that reason, you also need to equip yourself with adequate information of what do you want to have. Search any information related to DIY panels or DIY shower. It will give you many information you need to have your desired shower wall panels.