The Shower Show: Walk-In Shower?

Nowadays, having a walk in shower is somehow a must in every house. You can see almost all of your friend may have this type of shower. This is because walk in shower hold several advantages that can save space and money. Here is why you should consider to use a walk in shower.

A space saving furniture

A simple walk in shower can make your bathroom looks bigger because it creates an illusion of a big room. It also can make your bathroom have more space so you can add more furniture into it. A walk in shower means that you do not need to have shower doors installed because it has no cubicles. Using walk in shower at low ceilings and narrow room is recommended. It is also wiser for you that use wet-room-style floor because you will have more flexibility in designing your bathroom. This type of shower has no fixed trays size so you can fit it in basically an unexpected space.

There are more advantages to be had with this type of shower

A simple difference that creates huge benefit from a walk-in shower compared to a traditional shower is its simplicity. Walk in shower is not any harder to use compared to your usual shower because it has no doors and has step-free design.  So, it is best if you use walk-in shower if you have kids or people who are not as mobile as they were. With bigger space, you can also save time by washing your children at the same time (which is also a fun experience if you ask me). If you want a nice little touch, you can add double showers inside the wet area for dual showering (because nothing screams cool that showering with two shower heads).

Easy to maintain

Simple furniture means simple maintenance and care. A walk in shower doesn’t have door handles, so no complicated stuff that any other showers have. All you have to do is scrub the head and faucets regularly. It will save you quite some time to do other chores. Some walk in shower has tempered glass, which is quite easy to be cleaned. Just spray a cleaner and wipe it all down until it is squeaky clean. The floor can be cleaned with your usual cleaning routine. It is best if you use a shower spray that you can use daily. They are often available at most stores and shops, to make the glass pristine and have resistance to water and mold.

Minimalistic design for a high-class touch

Most walk in showers feature designs that are ‘modern’ and ‘simple’. These give walk in shower a luxurious impression that will add value to your bathroom. As you may know, if a person has good impression towards both the bathroom and the kitchen, you can put higher price to your house. So, it is wise to install well-balanced walk in shower in your themed bathroom to be able to wow the potential customer with visual and attract buyers more easily. You will be more satisfied that creating such good impression need less money because you will only need nothing but a minimal touch to the bathroom. Sure you are required to tile from floor to ceiling around the area and fitting a visible tray, but it is all you need to do since you don’t have to do extensive waterproofing under the floor.

Minimal feature for long lasting shower

Walk in shower has fewer fittings, which mean that it naturally has robust characteristic compared to standard enclosures. No need to change the seals on the door and the hinges when you hear it creaking or see it already rusted. You can see your shower stand strong and clean without having any flaws in years, as long as you keep the shower clean and usable.

Overall, you can use this type of shower if you have cramped bathroom. It creates more space and requires little maintenance compared to standard enclosures. Also you will save more money and time since it has less parts than the standard enclosures. Go for a walk in shower, especially if you want to save money and time and have a bigger bathroom.